Mon Ami German Shepherd Dog Club is affiliated to the German Shepherd  Dog Federation of South Africa and therefore anybody wishing to join our club must also join the GSDFSA. This is a requirement as laid out in the Constitution of the GSDFSA, a copy of which is available on their website. Membership of the Federation is on an annual basis with renewal falling due on the anniversary of joining each year. Fees are amended in April each year and a list of all fees is available on the GSDFSA website . GSDFSA membership application forms are available from our Treasurer, or can be downloaded at the link below, and must be completed and returned to her together with the relevant fee and she will expedite the application.

GSDFSA Links -  Constitution

                        GSDFSA Fees

                        GSDFSA Membership Application Form


The Club has an annual membership fee of R300 per annum which falls due in January of each year. This fee is the same regardless of single or family membership. As the membership runs according to the calendar year, there is an appropriate reduction applied at the start of the second, third and fourth quarters. Club membership fees are due immediately on joining the Club and must be accompanied by a completed membership form which may either be downloaded below or obtained from our secretary. We offer one session of free training on a Saturday as a trial for which there is a required indemnity form available from the Secretary. Should you decide to take out membership you must complete and submit a membership application before any further training can take place. Membership fees are not refundable should you choose to leave the Club during the year.



Training Fees are due on the 1st Saturday of each month and must be paid to the treasurer. Fees are payable for 11 months of the year as the Club is closed for a month over the end of year break.

Schedule of monthly fees :
                                          1 dog per month                  - R100
                                          2 dogs per month                - R150
                                           3 or more dogs per month   - R200

We also offer a 10% discount for anyone who wishes to pay their fees for the entire year.
Below is a schedule of the amounts payable which includes the R300 annual club membership fee but not the GSDFSA membership fees

                     1 dog                      R1260 per annum
                    2 dogs                    R1755 per annum
                    3 dogs                    R2250 per annum

These amounts are applicable for payment in January. Should you join later in the year or choose to pay a lump sum at a later stage, the Treasurer will be able to assist you with the applicable fees payable.

Please ensure that you keep your receipts for any amounts paid at  the Club. Should you prefer to make your payments directly into the Club bank account the details are available from the Treasurer or email us at info@monamigsd.co.za to request same. Please email any proof of payment to info@monamigsd.co.za with your surname as reference and keep a copy in case of any query.

Training fees are not refundable.


1.   No consumption of alcohol until your dog has completed all training for the day and
      has been returned to your vehicle or trailer.

2.   If your dog defecates anywhere on the school grounds, it is your responsibility to
      clean up. (Plastic bags and a poop scoop are available at all times)

3 .  All dogs on the field must be on-lead at all times unless you are otherwise instructed
      by your trainer.

4.   Do NOT allow your dog to become aggressive with other dogs. If uncertain on the
      best way to correct this behaviour ask the Training Supervisor for assistance

5.   No abuse of any kind towards any dog will be tolerated.

6.   Ensure that you close the entrance gate to the school when you arrive and when you

7.   Buckets of water are available at the taps near the Club House. Please make sure
      you give your dog ample opportunity to drink.

8.   If you are unable to attend training please notify either your trainer or the Training

9.   We are all at the Club for the purpose of enjoying time with our dogs and none of us
      would like this to be spoilt by any unpleasantness whether unintentional or not, so
      please think before saying or doing anything which could be construed as hurtful or
      offensive by someone else. Remember what may seem minor to you could be of great
      importance to another person.

10. There are refuse bins placed all around the grounds so please make use of them

11. Should you have any grievance whatsoever please address it to the Committee or
      by email to info@monamigsd.co.za . There is also a Comments Box available if you
      would prefer to make use of that. If you bring any problems to our attention, we can
      do something about them.

                                     MON AMI GSD CLUB