Mon Ami became a full breed club at the beginning of 2011, and currently boasts a group of members that are passionate about their dogs and the breed in general with the majority of them actively participating in, inter alia, the many breed shows that are hosted by the various clubs of the German Shepherd Dog Federations of SA.  Our members enter these shows, not just to exhibit or show their beautiful dogs but to spend quality time enjoying their companions and the German Shepherd breed with good attitude, sportsmanship and camaraderie towards other participants.  

The club, its members and dogs are kept busy working toward ensuring that dogs are properly qualified for breeding and show purposes. To this end the club regularly hosts Endurance Tests (AD), Begleithund Tests (BH) and Breed Surveys (BS). Our Helpers are well qualified and ensure that the dogs and handlers received the very best training and preparation.  Ringcraft is also practiced on a regular basis in preparation for the shows.

The facilities provided by Mon Ami are aimed at creating and enhancing the enthusiasm and love for the breed and its development and we are continually striving to develop the breed within the club and the GSD Federation. We encourage our breeders to make sound choices when selecting a mating pair, ensure that all procedures are properly followed, provide assistance and information and assist, if needs be, to ensure that the puppies are homed with lovers of the German Shepherd Breed.

A little about the German Shepherd

The German Shepherd was developed in Germany, descending from old breeds of farm and herding dogs. The German Shepherd falls under the working group of dogs and are today valued around the world being used in security, police work, guide dog work, search and rescue dogs, ‘sport’ dogs and are popular protectors of family and companion dog.  It is a large, strong, muscular dog that is longer than it is tall. It has prick ears, a black nose and dark almond shaped eyes.  The neck is long and strong and the back slopes gently to the tail which is set low and curves up slightly.  The Shepherd has a double coat with a short dense undercoat and a full outer coat.  The coat comes in a variety of colours but strong rich colours are preferred the most common being the black and tan. Other popular colours are sables and solid black.  The Shepherd  is agile, alert and full of life. It is self-confident, loyal, courageous, even-tempered, affectionate and playful with its friends and family but reserved with strangers, although it warms up quickly. It is an extremely beautiful, intelligent and highly trainable breed as they are very responsive and quick to learn with solid temperaments.  The German Shepherd is generally good with children and most animals. This breed requires socialisation and careful obedience training when young to fulfil his potential as a companion dog. The German Shepherd is selected for their beauty, nobility, ability to work, guard and protect.  

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